Effortless professional telemedicine

Ability to collect and organise data for telemedicine treatment large & small. Anywhere and everywhere with ease.

More than telemedicine

SaniQ allows you to attain a superior level when treating your patients. Analyse measurements and questionnaires at an early stage, manage medication plans, practice preventive medicine and much more.

Practise medicine your way

You can perform remote monitoring functions telemedically and achieve better treatment results. Studies can be made more efficiently with SaniQ, since all data is in one place. You do not have to perform any installation procedures in your Practice. It merely works.

On the go doctors

Achieving results and reaching many people especially in rural areas. Whether in your Practice via the computer or via your smartphone or tablet on the move. It is about moving data not patients. With SaniQ you can be a concerned and efficient doctor anywhere and everywhere. Because you are at the side of your patients - without having to be there in person.

Patient Apps

Your patients need apps to record and share measurement data as well as other treatment details with you. Our SaniQ apps are available free of charge and specific to a particular disease. This permits patients to engage hassle-free with telemedicine.

Support preventive medicine

Fast information enables you to practise sustainable preventive medicine. By analysing disease progression in a timely manner, early intervention can be gained for. Quite simply also in consultation with other experts. This is a win-win result for everyone.

Automated organisation & evaluation

There are numerous measurement units for the control of chronic diseases like COPD or diabetes. SaniQ supports you automatically and clearly in your analysis. Artificial intelligence helps you to anticipate negative trends. You remain in control of the optimal treatment.

Get patient answers immediately

No matter which questionnaire you use in the treatment process. SaniQ automatically sends them to patients who will then answer the questions with their smartphone app. You and your team are able to evaluate effectively the results reducing the time factor.

Guaranteed security

Permanent, fully automated data backups allow you to carry out your work with confidence. In addition, all data is transmitted in encrypted form and stored in certified, highly available data centres in Germany.

More accurate medication

With SaniQ you are always accurate in the medication required. It enables you to make changes to medication plans which patients can find instantly on their smartphones directly or via QR code - which can also be used in pharmacies. By having patients regularly logging their drug intake, you gain valuable information and more compliant patients.

Good value

For only € 599 per month, you can use SaniQ in your organisation. Additionally, for each patient who has been treated by way of the software within a month, there is a small charge of € 15 per month. You need assistance with setting up the system? No problem, please contact us and we will be happy to advise you.

Open and fair

SaniQ is a platform that frees you from common lock-in mechanisms. Compatible with widely used data exchange formats such as HL7, you can connect it seamlessly to your existing software and save data locally at any time. You always own the data.

Getting started now

Ready to engage with the new telemedicine? It’s easy with SaniQ. Sign up in less one minute.

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